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What makes US different?

       We believe that knowledge is power. Our inspectors complete a minimal of 24 continuing education credits each year. These classes keep us informed on new building techniques, new defect issues that affect homeowners nationwide.
       We also believe that being affiliated with great organizations make us better inspectors. Below are some of the great organizations we belong to.
                                  We are honored to have our inspectors achieve the accreditation of Certified Master Inspector.
                                  This accreditation is given to qualified inspectors that have demonstrated a high level of                                                 competency by:

                                            * Having a minimal of 3 years experience in the inspection industry
                                            * Completed a minimal of 1000 inspections
                                            * Pass a criminal background check
                                            * Earn 24 or more Continuing Education Credits each year
                                            * Abide by our industry's toughest Code of Ethics
Member in good standings since
May 2009
Member since August 2004
Member since 2006

PaRR is a certified contractor to complete inspections for FEMA
Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors - Click here to verify.